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Press Release

February 22, 2024
For Immediate Release:

Utah Flower Farmers Collaborate to Create Thriving Flower Market


When you walk into the Utah Flower Market on a Wednesday morning it’s hard to feel anything but joy. Each week, from April to October, local flower farmers bring their best and most beautiful blooms to Grove Station in Pleasant Grove to sell to florists and to the public. 


Every flower at the market is locally grown and seasonal, so the market changes from week to week. Throughout the season you will find specialty narcissus, tulips, peonies, ranunculus, garden roses, sunflowers, lisianthus, cosmos, and dahlias as well as hundreds of other unique and delightful varieties of flowers and foliage. 


Julie Hall, President of the Utah Flower Market, shared “You can’t help but feel good when you come to the Utah Flower Market. It’s amazing to be surrounded by an abundance of flowers and to connect with the farmers and flower lovers who come to the market. When you shop the market you are supporting local farmers, small businesses, and local ecosystems. We know our customers feel really good about the flowers they take home and are excited to share them with their clients and the people they love.”


The Utah Flower Market will officially open its third season on Wednesday, April 17 at Grove Station in Pleasant Grove. The market is open to wholesale customers from 9:00 - 11:00 am and then open to everyone from 11:00 am - 1:30 pm. Customers can purchase flowers in 5 or 10-stem bunches or they can create their own custom bouquets using $5 bunches from the bouquet bar. Grove Station also has food trucks and a soda shop available during the public market. 

Mission: As a grower-owned cooperative market, the Utah Flower Market creates opportunities for growers and buyers to connect and share the joy, beauty, and abundance of unique local flowers. We make it easy for flower lovers and flower farmers to collaborate in ways that are mutually beneficial and that encourage sustainable growth in our industry while bringing a high-quality product to our community.

Market photos

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