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As a grower-owned cooperative market, we create opportunities for growers and buyers to connect and to share the joy, beauty, and abundance of unique local flowers. We make it easy for flower lovers and flower farmers to collaborate in ways that are mutually beneficial and that encourage sustainable growth in our industry, while bringing a high quality product to our community.


Quality: We are committed to growing and selling top-quality local seasonal flowers that exceed our customers' expectations. Our flowers are grown, harvested, and handled using industry best practices so that our customers can feel confident that they are receiving a consistent, fresh, and reliable product. 
Stewardship: We see ourselves as stewards of the land we farm. We are intentional about creating flourishing ecosystems, building healthy soil, supporting local agriculture, and using our resources in thoughtful and efficient ways. 

Education: One of our main goals is learning and growing as farmers and as an organization. We invest in training and research in order to improve our market and willingly share our knowledge and expertise with others. We create opportunities to educate our customers and the public about the benefits of buying local flowers and supporting local agriculture. Curiosity is encouraged and we know that failure is part of the learning process.
Intention: Our choices and decisions are guided by our mission, vision, and values. We are intentional about how we use our limited time and resources with the aim of creating sustainability for our farmers, improving the quality of our products, and meeting the needs of our customers. 

Community: Flowers bring people together. We love creating connections with individuals and businesses and cultivating a feeling of abundance. We believe in collaboration over competition and want to forge meaningful relationships with growers, florists, designers, and flower lovers. Generosity is contagious and we choose to be generous with our time, energy, knowledge, and flowers. 

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