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Foxglove Flowers

We are so excited to share another amazing #localflower loving florist with you this week!

Meet Miriam Housley from @foxgloveutah 👋

Miriam and the Foxglove team were so supportive of the market in our first season and we loved seeing the incredible bouquets and arrangements they created incorporating locally grown flowers!

Foxglove's designs are truly unique and beautifully artistic. They use color and texture in phenomenal ways and when you see their creations you know they were made just for you.

Everything they create is abundant, original, and full of life.

We are so grateful for florists like Miriam and her team who recognize the value and beauty of local flowers and share that beauty with others.

If you want to find out more check out @foxgloveutah or visit their shop in downtown Provo!

📷: Professional photos by @melea_nelson

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Foxglove Flowers
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